Sunday, September 20, 2009

DACs Payback for UK Pubs

DACs logo
As an artist or visual creator you can claim Payback royalties if your work has been featured in a UK book, magazine or included in a programme broadcast on BBC Digital or terrestrial television. DACS pays these roylaties to successful claimants in December each year. Read more here.

DACS is a membership based organisation representing 36,000 fine artists and their heirs, in addition to 16,000 photographers, illustrators, craftspeople, cartoonists, architects, animators and designers, including some of the biggest names in contemporary visual arts.

--- If you qualify, you have until Sept 30th to put in a claim! Many Thanks to UK Illustrator Lynne Chapman for the heads-up!

We could use the love on this side of the pond, too. awe... yeah!

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